As we now are all too aware, we need to do our bit to save the planet. However, this need not simply be an unavoidable sunk cost.

We can help you to get renewable electricity for your business at no extra cost and help your business reach its CSR targets, while reducing your environmental impact.

The business benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives range from reducing your business costs to improving staff engagement levels and encouraging positive PR. Even so, some companies worry about the time and effort involved with implementing CSR programmes.

Alternatively, your business may be concerned that your CSR results aren’t as good as you were expecting. Whichever the case, quick wins for CSR are possible and we believe renewable energy is one of them.

CSR: a quick win

Switching to renewable electricity whether from solar PV installed at site or from grid power generated from a renewable source can bring you a impressive and speedy returns. Sourced from generation such as biomass, solar or wind, renewable power can drastically decrease your CO2 output. Sustainably sourced electricity produces on average 75% less carbon emissions than coal and this figure includes all the emissions from production, transportation and manufacturing.

Low Cost: high impact

We’re now able to supply 100% renewable power to all businesses in the UK – and we’re hearing about the positive results. For example, the renewable Solar PV electricity we installed at Riverford Organic Farm is an important part of how it continues to deliver an organic and sustainable supply chain. This industry recognition, fuelled by renewable power, helps the family-run farm to attract ethical customers and creating new PR opportunities.

Get in touch with us to let us show you that you can have renewable energy at no additional cost and can smash those CRS targets into the bargain.

Simon Nicholls

March 2019