Solar Battery Storage

Solar energy is one of the renewable sources the UK could use to reach its capability to produce more than 50% of the national power demand via renewable sources. The benefits of generating clean energy is the same for your business or your domestic requirements.

A Solar PV System Will....

Protect you against energy price increases.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Give you control over your power needs.

In many cases, systems pay for themselves within 5 years but boast a lifespan of 30+ years.

Why Use Beco As Your Renewable Energy Partner

Beco will happily walk you through the options available and design a bespoke installation for your property, provide detailed financial analysis of the power generation income, system payback time scale and CO2 reduction.

We have experts on hand who would be delighted to answer your questions, help you with the planning process (if necessary) and advise on finance and applying for grants. For more information contact us here.