Solar PV

Solar energy is one of the renewable sources the UK could use to reach its capability to produce more than 50% of the national power demand via renewable sources. The benefits of generating clean energy is the same for your business or your domestic requirements.

A solar PV system will:

  • Protect you against energy price increases.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Give you control over your power needs.
  • In many cases, systems pay for themselves within 5 years but boast a lifespan of 30+ years.

Solar PV Case Study – Olympus Business Park

Olympus Business Park - Solar PV Installation

250 kWp – Design, supply, install and commission.

The Olympus Business Park Solar PV installation consists of multiple PV arrays installed across 7 rooftops providing solar energy to 15 business units across the site. Annual prevention of over 160 tonnes of CO2. Funded by Devon Power in conjunction with the landlords.


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