The Brief

Our client, the Totnes Allotment Society, needed up to 4,000 litres of water a day to be pumped from a stream at the bottom of the plot into header tanks at the top. A grid connection was prohibitively expensive.

The System

Solar power was ideal for this scenario. We designed, installed and commissioned a system that would use the energy generated by a solar panel to drive a pump. The solar panel delivers water during daylight hours – especially during the longer summer days – which is an ideal match in supply and demand!

The Solar PV module’s angle of inclination can be adjusted to maximise yields throught the year.

Features include:

  • A sensor to switch off the pump if the water source becomes dry.
  • A float switch to switch the pump on and off when the header tanks become full or when they start to empty.

The flow rate was measured at more than 500 litres per hour (111 gallons per hour) with the pump running for more than 12 hours per day (June) if required.