Our Services

Beco can support your business through a single or blended solution of energy options all of which will reduce energy bills, CO2 and boost your businesses’ profile as customers increasingly vet sustainable credentials of their supply line. 

The UK is increasingly meeting energy demands through renewables and there is an expectation of all businesses to do the same.

To start the conversation, contact our team or take a look at our latest projects to see how we have helped other businesses.

Solar PV

Photovoltaic panels react to light to generate electricity.   Even on the gloomiest days, PV is capable of generating clean electricity. In recent years, the cost of solar has shrunk resulting in viability and exceptional ROI. Find out more.

Marine Energy Supplies

Beco are widely recognised in this sector where their roots lie. To this day we supply specialist equipment and own brand products nationally and internationally. Involved in the design and installation of specially customised marine equipment for over 40 years, Beco are the “go to” partner for your project. Find out more.

Wind Energy

Wind is a plentiful and under-used resource and is particularly suited to locations where grid connection is not possible or solar cannot be sited. Beco have been active in the wind turbine market since its earliest days and continue to install and maintain turbines. Find out more.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is a proven technology that reduces incoming voltage to levels that allow plant and machinery to function optimally and reduces consumption and spend.  VO has been adopted by 1000s of businesses and is a quick and effective install bringing immediate results. Find out more

Operations and Maintenance

You can expect our quality installations to generate power without attention. However, with all electrical installations, it is recommended that a service and inspection is undertaken at least every 5 years. Protect your safety, generation and investment. Find out more

Electric Vehicle Charging

With net zero challenges and the increasing popularity of electrical vehicles, infrastructure needs to keep up.  Beco are OLEV accredited installers and are busier than ever installing charging points in workplace carparks, venues, hotels etc. Find out more

Off Grid

With our origins in batteries, no one is better placed than Beco to advise on the battery storage revolution.   Offering flexibility to off-grid or grid connected systems, storage is key to energy fulfilment. Find out more.

Green Energy Contracts

This is the easiest and simplest of steps at no cost to you.  Beco only work with green energy providers and if this is the only progress you can make today, ensure your energy is supplied from renewable sources.  We’ll take the pain from the process and get you connected to clean, green electricity at the best market rates. Find out more.


There are a range of finance options and incentives to allow you take advantage of Beco services without it costing the earth Find out more

Carbon Footprint

Do you know the size of your carbon footprint?  Beco care passionately about decreasing the size of everyone’s carbon footprint. How big are your feet?  Check on our carbon calculator: click here.