Paignton Arcade – Voltage Optimisation

Like most amusement arcades, Leisure 2000 in Paignton, Devon faced high energy costs. Electricity bills exceeded £30,000 pa. Leisure 2000 contacted energy saving specialists Beco Energy whose survey indicated that the supply voltage could be safely reduced by 11.97% without any effect on the operation of the amusements.

UK supply voltage is 240v. Reducing this to a European level of 210 – 220V brings an instant reduction in consumption and bills. Lower voltage also increases the service life of all electrical equipment. Leisure 2000 reduced their electricity consumption with savings being achieved immediately after installation. Annual savings exceed £5,500.

Paignton Arcade

“Beco were really easy to work with. The installation was quick and didn’t interrupt the business. Everything works just like it did before except that I’m seeing significantly lower energy bills.” – Gary Bond, Owner.