Olympus Business Park, Newton Abbot – 250 kWp Solar

250 kWp – Design, supply, install and commission. The Olympus Business Park Solar PV installation consists of multiple PV arrays installed across 7 rooftops providing solar energy to 15 business units across the site. Annual prevention of over 160 tonnes of CO2. Funded by Devon Power in conjunction with the landlords.

Design and Operation

Solar Modules – BenQ and Suntech Polycrystalline Modules Inverter – ABB, Solis and Sungrow 3-Phase string inverter Mounting  system – Renusol Metasole MS+ and Sunfixings Rafter Bolts Cabling, Total PV Generation Meter and balance of system.


242,878 kWh/yr – over orientation azimuths of 30° South West and 150° North East, on a 15° – 20° pitch, with little to no shading expected.


Workmanship – Beco Provide a 2-year workmanship warranty covering the installation. Modules – BenQ and Suntech modules are covered by 25-year linear performance warranty and 5-year product warranty. Inverter – ABB, Solis and Sungrow are covered by 5-year performance warranty.