Remote Area Power Supply for Monitoring Equipment

Established in 1985, Güralp is a leading global provider of broadband seismic instrumentation and monitoring systems. Güralp specialise in sensitive broadband seismometers and accelerometers record movements and vibrations in the Earth’s crust resulting from natural phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanos, and events caused by human activity.

Beco has been working with Güralp since 2002 and have provided Remote Area Power Supplies (RAPS) to meet a range of applications and requirements. The RAPS is a complete packaged off-grid power system that consists of Solar Modules or wind turbines, mounting, control and batteries.

The RAPS solution is ideal for Güralp where monitoring is required in remote locations and often unpredictable environments. Beco has supplies Güralp with power solutions all around the world including, Qatar, Vietnam and Cuba.

Beco have been offering RAPS solutions since its inception and has provided off-grid power for thousands of customers. Other customers include Valeport, Contarnex and Tideland Signals. Beco don’t shy away from a challenge and have found solutions for a critical situation where remote vaccine refrigeration was required.

Design and Operation

Each Remote Area Power Supplies is design for a specific requirement and the design characteristic are based on component specification/loads and equipment location. The design will ensure monitoring equipment has power for days even when the there is no renewable generation.

Requirement: 6x3W seismometer and digitiser – 24 hours per day with a 19W load (BGAG) for 3 hours/day in TX mode and 2.8W for 19 hours/day in standby per day. 12V Ouput, 7 Days Autonomy.

Solution: 12V Haze battery connected to a Sunsaver 12V 10A within an IP66 enclosure, this is then supplied by an Ameresco 140W PV module on a single pole mount kit.

This solution provides the 7 days autonomy require and offers exceptions charging capabilities from the Ameresco PV module.