Denbury & Kenn Primary Schools – Solar PV & Battery Storage

Visionary planning has enabled pioneering Devon Primary schools to embrace the future of energy, educate their students on the benefits of renewable energy and carbon reduction.  Installation of Solar PV and Battery storage brings multiple benefits, reduced energy consumption, Carbon emission and reduction in bills which in turn frees up budgets for other areas of investment.

Both schools installed rooftop Solar PV and included battery storage in their plant rooms.  The result is total efficiency; when the school isn’t using the power generated through the Solar PV, it is stored in batteries to be drawn upon whenever there is demand.

Design and Operation

Beco designed different systems at each school, specifying solar modules and battery storage systems suited to the individual characteristics of site.

Energy generation and CO2 savings are reported live to displays in reception. Staff, children and visitors interact with the impressive energy generation data and enjoy an accessible learning tool.

Benefits of CO2 reduction and a live science experiment on site makes the renewable energy installation a great point of interest and debate at both schools.