Blue Sea Food, Paignton – Solar

The Blue Sea Food Company, a Paignton based sustainable crab fishing company, are on a mission to go green and thanks to an installation by renewable energy company Beco Energy, have considerably reduced their carbon emissions.

As a sustainable fishing company, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. It is part of our ethos to improve methods of fishing including, how we operate and limiting the impact to both land and marine environments.”  – Trevor Bartlett – The Blue Sea Food Company

Beco Energy was invited to install an extension to the existing solar array at The Blue Seafood Company. The current install needed upgrading to increase power generation to fulfil the needs of the business and also safeguard us from the fluctuations and inevitable energy price increases. The existing array of 75.64kW was extended by 2 new arrays producing 195kW which in turn has increased the total power generation has increased to a whopping 269.61kw which enables The Blue Seafood Company to now operate with the lion’s share of its energy coming from renewable energy. This is a spectacular achievement when considering the significant heavy plant operated in the seafood factory. The reduction in carbon is equally impressive by saving 117 metric tons of emissions every year. As a result of Beco’s accreditation by the Carbon Trust, The Blue Seafood Co has been able to access the maximum funding for the project with a contribution of £10,000 from The Carbon Trust. This has improved the financials of the whole project and has made it, even more, costs effective. Beco provided support through the application process and our decision to fund came through in just 3 days.

We help reduce the environmental impact of  businesses, as well as safeguard companies  against energy price rises. Working with The Blue  Sea Food Company has been a pleasure and we  are overjoyed with the result.” – Owen Griffith, Operations Manager, Beco