250 kWp – Beech Torr Farm – Kingston, Near Kingsbridge, Devon

250 kWp – Design, supply, install and commission. The Beech Torr Solar PV farm consists of 7 rows of ground-mounted solar PV. There are 13 SMA inverters connected to a dedicated substation. The system is monitored remotely and will generate alarms in the event of problems such an inverter fault or lack of communication.

Design and Operation

Solar Modules – 1000 x Hyundai 250W M250MG Polycrystalline Modules. Inverter – 11 x SMA 20kW 3-Phase string inverter and 2 x SMA 15kW 3-Phase string inverter. Ground Mounting System – Hilti MSP SP1. G59/2 Protection – Macklin Controls Micromac 3PN 201-270 G59. Cabling, Total PV Generation Meter and balance of system.



261.95 MWh/yr – over an orientation azimuth of 0° South, on an 20° pitch, with little to no shading expected.




Workmanship – Beco Provide a 2-year workmanship warranty covering the installation. Modules – Hyundai Solar modules are covered by 25-year linear performance warranty and 5-year product warranty. Inverter – SMA are covered by 5-year performance warranty.