Operations & Maintenance

Beco can help you maximise return on your Solar PV investment with a comprehensive operations and maintenance plan.

Under normal circumstances, our quality installations will generate power without undue attention. However, as with all electrical installations, it is recommended that a professionally competent service and inspection is undertaken every 5 years or less.

Offering one of the UK’s leading Solar PV maintenance services, we only employ commercially skilled and experienced electricians (3ph to 33kV including 3 HV SAPs) who are trained directly by inverter manufacturers, assuring you receive the best quality technical service.

The systems we maintain can be centrally monitored and locally maintained. Each system can be viewed remotely so that we can respond to alert alarms without delay. Nothing goes unnoticed, ensuring your financial returns are not jeopardised by system faults.

The Benefits

Optimise your generation.

Stay safe by having your electrical installation checked by professionals.

Maximise and protect your investment.

Get in contact with one of our Beco technicians

Beco will happily design a bespoke comprehensive operations and maintenance plan that will maximise your return on your Solar PV investment. For more information about our Solar PV operations and maintenance services contact us here.