ECO-MAX COMMERCIAL EMC200i. Over 11.4% average energy savings achieved by the ECO-MAX, with a payback of under 3 years.

Project Summary

Installation of 1 x EMC 200i Voltage Optimiser on the supply at Eccleston Court Care Home.

Community Integrated Care (CIC)

Is one of the UK’s largest health and social care charities. Eccleston Court is a nursing home based in Eccleston, St Helens, Merseyside, housing up to 50 residents CIC are committed to reducing operating costs of their care homes, allowing budgets to be spent on areas enhancing patient care and overall service user experience. GWE established the voltage and load profile, and proposed that implementing a VO project would yield significant energy cost savings.


  • The ECO-MAX-Commercial 200A Unit (including ‘Brownout’ under voltage inhibit) was installed in 2014 and the voltage was safely reduced by 10%.
  • GWE anticipated consumption savings of up to 12.4%, with a projected project payback of 35 months and ROI of 34.3%. Post install analysis was conducted.
  • It can be concluded that the ECO-MAX is saving a minimum of 9%, however monthly comparisons suggest the actual savings will be far higher.