Introducing the new Beco Bike! A new lightweight folding electric bicycle. Along with its stylish, modern design, it’s fun and easy to use, ride, park, fold, carry, store and charge.

Ideal for the commuter or recreational user, around town or for leisure use. The Beco Bike is the ‘hop on, hop off’ electric bicycle.


Beco Bikes are small, light weight and durable. They fold down and can be taken & stored practically everywhere-in the boot of the car, the hold of your boat, caravan or motor home or maybe stored under your desk or in the corner of the hallway. Compared to conventional bicycles Beco Bike take up no space at all!
And at only £395 (inc VAT, excl delivery) it doesn’t cost much either! Call us now on 0800 4880067 to secure your Beco Bike now!