School children skipping class, crisps selling based on their renewable energy-fired ovens alone and astronauts sending unborn grandchildren apologetic videos decrying our unbounded enthusiasm for growth at any price. We live in environmental times….

68% of all businesses believe that sustainability will be more important in the future; the figure is at 80% for larger organisations. What’s more – most people want to shout about it.

But what’s driving this desire to commit to sustainability apart from civic spirit of the few?

A number of key influencers are driving decisions around sustainability, including an appreciation of customer requirements. Certainly, the experience of Beco Energy’s customer Blue Sea Food backs up this view. This family-run firm recognised the potential for increasing sales by becoming more sustainable – something made possible, in part, by using renewable solar electricity from Beco Energy.

Our fundamental belief, forcefully expounded by David Attenborough, is that we all desperately need to act now to avoid further loss of biodiversity, increased climate-related weather events and climate refugees on a scale never seen before.

A robust sustainability plan can be a driver of success for all businesses, whether you measure that success in terms of reducing costs, engaging staff, or attracting customers. Beco Energy’s Managing Director, Simon Nicholls, covered these three ways that sustainability can transform your business in our recent blog.

Simon Nicholls


Sunset at Blue Sea Food

Sunset at Blue Sea Food