On-Grid Solar PV

Solar panel electricity systems capture the energy of the sun using photovoltaic (PV) cells. The energy generated isn’t just cheaper, it’s cleaner.

On-grid solar PV is a tried and tested technology. In recent years technical improvements coupled in reductions in component costs, make it a highly attractive prospect for those that wish to reduce energy costs.

Beco has helped thousands of businesses, organisations and homeowners save money and gain competitive edge by installing a micro solar plant to allow them to generate their own energy. Our solar PV plants are ideally suited to the UK climate and are custom designed to ensure the highest production levels even on overcast days. In addition, solar PV is easily scalable to maximise efficient for a range of installation sizes. Solar power plants offer substantial savings and long term stability of supply.

We offer a range of on-grid and off-grid applications including:

  • On roof designs: Usually the simplest and most cost effective method is to install a PV system over an existing roof covering such as tile or slate. Almost all roof shapes – from flat to pitch to trapezoidal – can be accommodated.
  • Roof integrated designs: Conventional roof tiles or slates are replaced with aesthetically pleasing special tiles.
  • Ground mounted systems: If the roof is not suitable – or if a large plot of land is available – solar PV panels can be mounted on the ground.
  • Solar powered car ports and car vehicle charging points

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Commercial Solar PV

Rooftop solar installationIf you consume high levels of energy, an optimised solar plant combined with the incentives offered by the government feed in tariff (FIT) can yield significant cost savings.

Any non domestic buildings – from business premises to schools to farm building, churches, and community centres – can benefit from a ‘commercial’ solar PV installation.

We can install panels on the roof space, replace conventional roof coverings with solar tiles or develop a ground mounted micro generation plant. Whichever system you chose, we custom design it to your site to ensure maximum productivity.

The use of renewables has been identified by many large corporations as a way to enhance reputation and build stakeholder trust. The reduction in the carbon footprint is also good news for those striving to reduce carbon taxes or to meet governmental or corporate targets.

Beco Energy nSolutions has a proven track record in designing, installing and connecting large commercial solar PV systems. We’re experienced in managing complex connection issues and work to the very highest standards, managing every step of the process to ensure that our exacting standards are met.

Domestic Solar PV

Homeowners are increasingly looking to take control of their energy requirements by installing micro solar generation plants.

Our domestic photovoltaic systems typically range from 1 kWp to 4 kWp and can be installed on almost any rooftop whether it be pitched, flat or trapezoid. Homeowners can benefit from installing on-roof solar panels or by replacing conventional tiles or slates with aesthetically pleasing solar tiles.

As accredited suppliers for a range of leading manufacturers, we carefully design and select the system that will give you maximum productivity.

Until the end of 2015, homeowners can benefit by selling any excess electricity produced into the grid to receive a feed in tariff (FIT). Although this will be reduced (but not scrapped) in 2016, a domestic solar installation when used in conjunction with our battery storage systems will help you to guard against increasing energy prices.

Beco has over 35 years’ experience in domestic installations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer care, and because we manage every stage of the process, we can ensure that our exacting standards are met every step of the way.

Car Ports & Charging Stations

With most business journeys no longer than 60 miles in a day and costs as low as 2p per mile, making the move to an electric vehicle or fleet makes real commercial sense.

Solar carports make great energy sense: they provide shelter to vehicles (whether electric or not), deliver green electricity to electric vehicles and avoid the need to run charging cables from your property or premises.

A 4kW carport can produce enough electricity for 12 – 16,000 miles per year and as they have a modular design, multiple carports can be installed together to provide a commercial car parking solution.

Solar carports can be customised to your specification with options such as internal rain water drainage, lighting and vandal resistant electrics.

Beco can install a range of charge points offering both rapid and standard charge for domestic and commercial use.

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Benefits of Solar PV System

Above all, a Beco solar PV system puts you control of your energy and allows you to:

  • Cut your electricity bills, guard against rising energy prices and gain inflation linked returns for up to 20 years.
  • Cut your carbon emissions, lower green taxes and demonstrate your green credentials.
  • Sell excess power to earn additional income. We can assist you to receive a higher rate for larger systems.