Power Purchase Agreements

A power purchase agreement (PPA) from Beco Energy Solutions offers homeowners, businesses and community organisations the opportunity to benefit from cheaper electricity and stable, predicable energy costs without any capital investment.

A PPA will give you a free, fully maintained solar PV system on your roof for 20 to 40 years and allow you to purchase generated electricity up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier.

For clients, PPA’s offer:

  • Price security; stable, predictable energy costs for a flexible, defined period
  • Security of supply
  • Zero investment in non-core assets
  • Zero initial capital expenditure or operating and maintenance costs

In addition, for clients that wish to build their own renewable generation plants, we offer the full range of consultancy plus engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services.

For more information about our power purchase agreements, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team on: 0800 448 0067 or drop us an email!